Tuesday, 14 October 2014

The Prettiest Boy In Da 'Hood

I'm stuffed full of catarrh and haven't been out of the house since Wednesday, when I had an osteopath appointment in Brum.
Sadly, the one other thing I bought back with me other than a big red folder for my Holiday Grand Plan, (thank you Tcakes for alerting me to this), was a stinking cold that has given me a big red nose!!
Yeah, I am feeling very sorry for myself!
So, I am treating myself to some eye candy!
the gorgeous Micheal Praed
Y'see, Robin in Nottingham was not the first Robin I had met!

Mr B had covered on the tour of Copacabana years back and when it came to Southampton, we had the opportunity to see the show together and we walked back to the railway station with Micheal, chatting away as tho' we'd been mates for life.
He was lovely and a gent. 
And, following on from the previous knitting post...how do you combine knitting with Robin Hood?
With vintage Robinoid needles, of course!

 Lovely red plastic needles sadly a tad too big to knit my socks on.
But they look great don't they?

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Sock It To Me

In what alternative Universe was I in, when I thought buying this book, (a bargainous £3.99 from TK Maxx), and having a go at knitting Japanese stitch inspired socks?
Knitted Socks East and West by Judy Sumner
 I am knitting the socks on the cover, 'Fuji', specifically because they were designed to be worn when doing a pedicure.
One of the 2 things that I kept doing all the time I was at my lowest ebb, (very low for a very long time!), I painted my toenails. I may not have bathed for a week or washed my hair forever, but my toenails where always dapper.
(The other thing was keeping all 'the paperwork' in order...bills, bank statements etc, all filed and tickety-boo.)
But I just can't get the 'hang' of this at all. Even when I hit a 'respite row' of just knitting every stitch, it drives me nuts!
To start with there are 4 needles, then you go down to 3. I bought a new set for the size and thought "what'll hold a lot, will hold a little". Big mistake as Julia Roberts says in Pretty Woman. Big, big mistake. Too much needle length. But having said that, when using two shorty needles from my stash, I am forever losing stitches off one end or the other.
You can see how thin the needles are next to the pencil above.

Also, I can't see the stitches very well with my varifocal specs, so when they drop off I just watch the rows unravel before my very eyes!
There IS a stitch pattern, but I've got to the point of if there is the right amount of stitches on each needle at the end of a row I'm happy.
Regia Design Line Ombre Stripe 4 Ply - Frost Colour (04480)bought from deramores
But, it is very beautiful yarn.
Designed by my beloved Kaffe Fassett.
 I am wondering, as the yarn is so lovely, that I should bypass the stitch pattern and just knit it up
 in plain knitting.
What do you think? Any ideas, please.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Goddess of Magic

As always, the Trafford Centre never ceases to amaze!
Life-size marble big cats, palm trees, dolphins, guttering pipe outlets shaped as eagles...bad taste/kitsch has never had it so good.
This was the view down to the Debenhams cafe!
I don't know when it was built, but they must work hard at the upkeep, as it doesn't look shabby anywhere, that I've seen.
 (Just checked...1998, but this water feature was only put in last year).
 The fantasy character of Circe, 'goddess of magic', and her water nymphs.
She is the guardian of the water of everlasting life.

I could've sat next to that fountain for hours.
 How does that spurt work?
It also has colours going through it which is not too clear close up; but you can just see it on the end blob of the jet of water. 
Me, doing my best 'goddess' impersonation!
My little bee ear-rings came from Laura Ashley. Aren't bees supposed to be lucky charms?

Monday, 6 October 2014

Lucky Girl

I may be a lucky girl because I now own a MAC x Brooke Shields eye palette that sold out across the world on the day of its' release.

But I even luckier to have a wonderful partner who limped down to Selfridges in his between shows break and bought the last on in the store for me!
That really is lucky!
Thank you Mr B

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

October Autumn Colour Palette

The Hanging Gardens of Pennyblossoms!
Love the way this Virginia Creeper changes colour at this time of year.

Mind you, when the leaves start falling off, it doesn't half make a mess!
Centre right there are three raspberry canes that are about 9 foot high...they didn't fruit this year, so, technically, they shouldn't be pruned. But if I leave them they'll probably be in the next door neighbours' garden. (Sure they won't mind, free fruit 'n' all!).
And to end, a tiny, lonely, home-grown freesia.
Smells amazing. 

Friday, 26 September 2014

A Little Bit More Shopping


Converse x Missoni
I don't jump on the designer bandwagon often, if ever, really...but I fell in love with the photos I had seen of these before I came away.
So, that was that. Or so I thought.
Happened to see them in Office in the Arndale in MCR and then again today at the Trafford Centre. They actually had my size in both the dap and the hi-top, which is what I plumped for. Super Autumnal colours with just a hint of glimmer.
Missoni was the first ever proper perfume that I bought when I started earning up in London, so it has a 'thing' with my past!
Happy weekend!

Thursday, 25 September 2014

A Little Bit O' Shopping

Well...come on, Manchester, a shopping Mecca!

A visit to Abakans, of course, for fabrics and notions.
Having been given an overlocker just before we went away, I needed some stretchy fabric to use it on.
Tipped off by Char about Jaycotts, I ordered some half price Simplicity patterns. A cosy cammo sweatshirt-y fabric and a denim blue stretch with a very pale pink glittery sheen.

A whole host of goodies from TK Maxx and Homesense.
The yellow bag of Dreamies was a present for the cats from Kathy of Rockers. So kind! Got a couple of pressies for Mr B for Christmas from her shop on Oldham Street.
TK Maxx jewellery afforded me this lovely Bibi necklace and this beautiful hematite 'tusk' necklace.
Don't know the make but its' rrp was 195 quid!! It was in the sale and it was less than a tenth of that price.
I like hematite and I find it a very healing crystal.
And of course...shoes. By the end of Monday I had blisters on each of my little toes and my right heel.
 Not the best start to the week.
(And that's with packing tried and tested footwear!)

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Spitting Prohibited (hear hear)

Today Google have produced a doodle for the 60th anniversary of the unveiling of the first Routemaster bus.
60th anniversary of the unveiling of the first Routemaster bus
It was barely a week ago that we had the chance to have a free ride of these in our own town.
It brought back memories of living in London and using these buses as part of my daily commute.
 In those days you could jump on and off the bus whilst it was still moving!
(Or when it was at a standstill in a traffic jam in Oxford Street!)

They used to just have a conductor, but, now, with H&S, we had an extra chap keeping the open end at the rear end of the bus clear!

Just in case you've never seen the inside of a bus!!

Wooden window frames, leather(ette?) seats, a 'dinging' bell

I'm safe jumping off now...it's stopped!

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

I Was A Chiquito Virgin

Lucky for us there's a smorgasbord of places to eat at across the road from the hotel. We wandered over aiming for Frankie & Bennys'  but waivered and wandered into Chiquitos' instead.
I'm really not into 'exotic' cuisine and have never been here before.
I was not disappointed. 
yay...booze on the way
 Our server, Jade, was really helpful and a joy to talk to. A jug of Long Island Iced Tea was ordered...slurrrp!

I didn't stray into unknown territory and stuck to steak! Mr B had a burger with 'fajita' (?) vegetables. We stuffed ourselves with desserts too; a banana wrap-py thing and I had churros. OMG - I had a churro years ago when we were at Southsea Show or the like and loved it. Never seen them since! Which, is probably a good thing! I mean...how many calories???
They played fab music too. There was Gloria Estafan and the like but also some real 'old style' salsa music.
I did take classes some years back; how I didn't (a) get up and dance or (b) get massive indigestion I really don't know.
 Just a really lovely way to spend Mr Bs' night off on Saturday.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Another Room With A View

Panoramic view from our hotel room window. (That's why there's 2 trams in it!) it 's Media City, where all the BBC and ITV programmes are now being made. Mr B is working at The Lowry which is just behind the crane, which was for bungee-jumping nutters at the weekend!

Same -ish view at night .
The Lowry is the round tower behind the red building.
There has been beautiful sunsets; we may not be abroad, but the sunsets have been worthy of somewhere more glam than Salford!!

Saturday, 20 September 2014


...so the week in Manchester begins...

Friday, 12 September 2014

Travelling In Style

Tomorrow Mr B and I will be travelling in style.
A vintage bus to the Vintage Fair!
The old buses are run over the weekend as part of the Heritage Open Days, which is held across the country; lots of places not usually open to the general public are opened specially.

Been rather 'bleurgh' recently.
But, on a plus point, I got to Birmingham, on my own, to see an osteopath who has worked with me before when doing his final training. That last visit was 2 years ago I guess, and now Geoff has his own practice!
The top cervical bones are a bit 'dodgy', for want of a better term, and it is this that caused my 'migranes'. They are if fact 'cervicogenic headaches'. But whatever name they are given, I wouldn't wish it on any one!
I have wallpapered the third wall in the front room! (2 years and counting, possibly?). Just who thought it'd be a good idea to put the central heating water pipes along the top of the wall???
Just the wall with a door, pipework and a window to paper around left!!
But it'll look lovely when it's finished!
Whatever you are doing this weekend - have a good 'un!