Tuesday, 12 August 2014

East West Kaffe's Best

 Maybe I'll get to see Kaffe Fassett next year.

ooo..lovely, lovely books!
But this year I 'made do' with sitting in his throne!

What caught my eye on the other side of the stand?
I first found out about him when I was a student, (but I don't want to make him feel old!), in a book of all sorts of things to make to wear, including one his knitwear designs.
I never made it but just used to revel in the lushness of the colour and design.

just how many fat quarters does one girl need?
Only a week before I took delivery of a 'few' balls of wool, including some Kaffe-designed Rowan yarn, which I've earmarked for some socks.
Now, that should be a laugh...fine gauge yarn, four needles and one of those Japanese knitting patterns.
I could be gone some time!!!

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Friday, 8 August 2014

Willkommen! Bienvenue! Welcome!

Spent the day at The Festival of Quilts.
Never been before; it was fantastic.
So desperate to post the giant colour rush, but am too knackered.
More to follow...

Thursday, 7 August 2014

A Grin Without A Cat

 Oh, hurrah!
still smiling
Managed to bite down so hard on my bite guard on Saturday night that I broke a piece off it! Which then entailed another visit to the dentist.
The original one was made by the Max-Fac dept at the hospital; but having phoned them they said to contact my own dentist.
I have no idea what flavour the crisps were...other than disgusting!

 It was so much more fun going with Mr B.

 Lunch at the Park Café.
He had plum tomato and basil soup...in a warm French bread roll and I had a Coronation chicken sarnie. Yummy!

Mr B photographed this little beauty.

She was buzzing around the pond where we see the 2 cats.
Only one this time...Marmite went into a rescue place as she was pregnant; after 24 hours labour she had 6 kittens, which sadly all died.
(Yes, I cried!).
 'Cat' as he seems to be called, (who's not the father, as he's been 'done'), was rehomed to a house a couple of roads away; then escaped and made his way back to the park!! But there is someone lined up to take him when the office closes in September, who comes in at 7am every morning to feed him a sachet, just to build up some rapport, so hopefully that'll work out fine. And I am so pleased to report that his mange has practically cleared up and his legs are much better too. Didn't get a photo yesterday, as he got all comfy on my lap and then he shot off when he heard the office door being unlocked, which equalled FOOD!

'Cat' on the left, Marmite on my lap

I do love a dental visit

And we get the chance to go back again next week to collect my new guard.
Oh, hurrah!

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

You Know The Saying...

...'I saw this and thought of you.' 
Umm, guess who I thought of when taking this hasty snap whilst stationary at the bus stop?
"Across the world Vix transforms the way people connect."
"Vix presents at Resource Village Operations conference."
"Stagecoach selects VIX as technology partner."

"Bus and Coach Buyer, January 2013. Not only is Vix on the Cover of Bus and Coach Buyer's January edition it also features a 3 page article. "

I know she's been busy with Kinky Melon, but boy, this girl gets around!

Vix Technology is an Aussie-based company that, in this case, was probably working on the Real Time Passenger Information board.
Our Vix, she's a star!

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Get Yer Baps Out!

Following on from the 'bra post', how could I resist?
(When does a roll become a bap?)
flour-dusted, pine nuts, sunflower & pumpkin seeds toppings
mini loaves ready to bake
ready to eat

 I am still loving my bread maker and this is the first 'brown' bread I've made and is definitely my favourite.
It was just the recipe on the flour bag, so nothing fancy.
Just delicious! 
Simple Wholemeal Rolls makes 8
7g sachet easy-blend dried yeast
1 1/2 tsp sea salt
175 ml tepid milk, plus extra to glaze
175 ml tepid water
Make however you usually do - by hand or in a bread maker
Bake at 220C, gas mark 7 for 12-15 minutes.
They seem to last for several days, (I was on my own at the time of baking), or they will freeze for a month.
Mind you, if there's more than one of you, I don't see them kicking around long!

Thursday, 24 July 2014


aka bras!
 Me 'n' Caroline, from Putting Your Life In Order went on a little road trip on Monday.
A la Thelma and Louise as Mr B said.
With the wind in our hair air-con on in her husbands' hybrid car, we drove off to Desborough, where there is a factory outlet for wacoal-eveden whose ranges include Fantasie, Freya and Elomi.

Think lingerie (and swimwear), think glamour.
umm, the shop
 Do not be alarmed! Inside you are greeted by these two lovely ladies and a collection of stock that will take your breath away.

Marie and Louise
Marie got the short straw, me, to look after and she was fabulous, not only managing to get me into a 38 size bra(!), but explaining her choices with regard to the way each bra was constructed.
Fantasie make several styles of bra with a sort of crescent shaped piece on the outer side of the cup, so the lower part of the cup is made of 3 sections as opposed to 2, which makes it much better support for a larger cup size.
Even if you aren't buying a bra from them, check out their shape fitting guide here.
Lots of top tips if you are looking to buy a new bra.
the offices
I did end up going up a size, (though still a smaller back size than I thought...but bigger cups), in as much as I wouldn't have Marie at home to help me get dressed in the morning(!) and probably would've struggled to do it up easily. I got 'Susanna' in teal and 'Elodie' in purple.
But I know what I have chosen fits properly and gives me a better outline underclothing. Again, another top tip, try your clothes on over a bra in the changing room; you'll be amazed at the difference a good fitting bra gives.
Thank you gurrlfriend, for taking me out on such a fun trip!

Friday, 18 July 2014

An Afternoon At The Country Club

I've been, on the most part, walking over to our local fitness centre every month for the last 6 months to visit Judith, the sports therapist, with great success.
My ancient Pucca T-shirt. So old it's vintage. Probably.
But this was the first time Mr B had come along too! (The joy of him being on holiday).
Hence the 'photo shoot'.
The place used to be a private squash club, then it was leased by Fitness First and now it is back to being a family owned fitness club.
But as Mr B said, it has the air of being a secluded country club and reminded us of our big summer holidays at the end of the 80s when we would travel down to Newquay for the pro surfing championships.
Those were the days...we had a sportsman who was a world No 1, betcha didn't know that, did ya?
lots of love from a surfing legend...to me!
 OMG, it's Martin Potter, World No 1 Surfing Pro!
Homemade sandwiches, the first cappucini from the new machine and table tennis.
What more could you want or need?
My lovely 'tat' bag from Rockers England (Manchester) had an outing.
And I wore sandals while I had the chance.
(Did you get the amazing thunderstorms last night/today?)
  No country club theme would be complete without a link to the beautiful, talented and, alas, no longer with us
Billy MacKenzie.

Sorry it's the karaoke version but it was the one video that (a) had the sharp, cut off ending and (b) wasn't introduced by Jimmy Saville!
Still, it's a good song to sing along with.
(Unless you are my neighbour!!!!)

Monday, 14 July 2014

Holiday Kickback

New shoes!!!!
I first saw these in TK Maxx in Milton Keynes; just one lone pair in a size 6, that were too big!
The cheapest place I could track them down to was ASOS.
This was the first time I have ordered from them and they were brilliant!
The de Havilland order packers could learn a lesson from them on how to pack a box of shoes so they don't arrive in a battered box!

Celebrating Mr B being on his summer break by having drinks at Starbucks today.
Which is sort of my 'excuse' for not blogging or commenting.
But I have been reading your posts!
 We went to Birmingham on Friday and saw this wicker jumping horse on a traffic island outside the Indoor Market.
Rather lovely isn't it?
Some of you may remember my 'Wicker Wednesday' posts?
(Here, here, the Wicker Wednesday Whicker Island post and some more Brummie wicker here, to give you a taster!)
Hope the links give you a giggle.

Friday, 4 July 2014

A Couple Of Old Toms

So pleased I spied this on the way out of one of the areas in Hopkinson21!
Even more pleased that Mr B bought him! He has a 'thing' for Tom & Jerry. He was tucked away in a dark spot behind an electric guitar in one of the units at this fab vintage shop.
But he looks so at home on the swing seat in our garden.
Sure he's smiling!

The other Tom is residing in the fridge.
A present for Mr B from one of his work colleagues from Buxton, when they were working there the other week.
"It's very strong" was all I got on asking him about it. He chose to try it there because the poster featured a tom cat logo!

Robinson's Old Tom


Wednesday, 2 July 2014

My 'Bloody Brigadoon' Moment

At a guess, most of you would have seen "Four Weddings and a Funeral"?
And you remember the bit at the Scottish wedding, where Simon Callow arrives in the room where everyone is dressed in tartan and dancing Scottish reels?

Well, I had 'that' moment the last night we were in Nottingham. Can you guess where I'm going?
Sitting in The Cross Keys, a very old pub, eating our very yummy dinner when who walks in but Robin Hood!

 It's Robin Hood, bloody Robin Hood!
(and a German camera crew) 

Yes, it's Robin Hood, just having a pint of ale
I nearly choked on my crayfish and avocado salad!
All tooled up and ready to go...
...robbing from the rich, to give to the poor 

All together now, you know what's coming...couldn't get this theme tune out of my head!
One of my greatest childhood programmes.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Luscious Locks In Notts

I cannot quite believe this is me!


Beautiful hairstyle crated by the amazing Lucille of https://www.facebook.com/lucilleslocks
With her adorable little dog, Margot. (Extra surprise)
A wonderful way to be pampered, (with added cake and coffee too), organised by the lovely Karina of Vintage To A Tea.
Thank you girls for a most fabulous treat!