Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Storm Imogen Hits Britains Garden

There's been a bit of a whirlwind in the front room of chez Pennyblossoms.
Call it the Storm Imogen effect!
Oh my! The pergola's off for a stroll.
(don't know where the Christmas lights window hanger-upper blew in from) 

How ever is the table and parasol still upright?
(Umm, is that a pair of legs peeping out there?)

'Man with a Rake' seems to have taken a tumble!
But 'Old Man' seems to be hanging onto the bench with grim determination.
He'd only stopped tinkering with the mower to sit down and have a cuppa!
'Swan' seems to have just missed being trapped under the pergola debris.
At least the dovecot is still standing and the honey bees haven't been disturbed.

Collie Dog is guarding that tea tray with his life!

Er, where's the greenhouse roof gone?
'Man with Rake' needs emergency help!
Actually, it's my furry gilet that is the culprit, as every time I walk past my display, it just flips out and takes a fair bit of garden with it!
I hope all you readers have kept safe from 'Imogen' and all this stonking bad weather.
Roll on Summer!

Friday, 5 February 2016

Well, You Make Me Wanna Shout

I took over one hundred and thirty photographs last week, of all this 'beauty' stuff, all ready to do lots of posts and it's still  taken me a week to do a new post.
I'm just not feeling the blog love.
Another box of 'goodies' that I had the fortune to receive was the Lulu's Time Bomb 5 Piece Star Power Skincare Collection from QVC, when it was on a TSV, (Today's Special Value, which means it is sold at a reduced price). At 80 quid, full price, this is what I would call mega-pricy and I don't know if I would actually ever buy it at its' full price, even though I really love all the products.
 (Yes, this was a pressie I chose and ordered for myself, but Mr B did wrap it up for me!)

QVC has a lot of user reviews and this seems to be a Marmite product.
 Lots of 5's, the top score, but also lots of 1's.
Personally, I really, really enjoy these items. I have used Clinique for donkeys years, and then a while back I tried out  some of the No 7 range from Boots. Both these ranges are fragrance-free, which for a lot of people is a number one priority. But these items all have fragrances - it just makes me think of essential oils and having a really nice massage, so that is a real feel-good factor for me.
Yes, I do have her book as well
There is a specific neck/jawline/décolletage cream, Troubleshooter Neck Jaw and Chest Cream, a new face cream that is called Over-Exposed Sun Damage Rescue, which is meant to help with fine lines and dryness, a 'cocktail' which is like a serum and goes on under moisturiser, a denser night cream and like the previous box of tricks, a mega fantastic hand cream. This I would buy again; I feel it really helps the skin and cuticles, my 'duff' spot.
I am still terrible at 'daily ablutions', it is still a very much hit and miss affair, a hangover from the bad depression days, but I have tried more with this because I really enjoy it.
And that is half the battle, isn't it folks? 

Monday, 1 February 2016

I Wash My Face With Turkish Delight

 Okay! So anything that comes in a heart-shaped box is a winner with me!
 Mr B brought this home for me, as a surprise, just before he went away on tour to Southampton.

The day before we had mooched around Sainsbury's getting in a weeks supply of shopping to keep me going.
I fancied a new bubble bath, so checked out the display. Instead of a feel-good factor, I was overwhelmed by the amount of choice. So much so, that I nearly burst into tears!
I have had this in the past, so bad that I end up leaving what shopping I have chosen, behind. Just TOO MUCH to comprehend, to take in, to choose. My brain just goes into meltdown. It doesn't happen much now, thank goodness, only when I have to buy eggs. Goodness me, how many different eggs can there be? It was easy when it was just small, medium and large. Yeah, I picked medium of course!!
The Velvety Hand Cream gets a thumbs up, it is rich and luxurious, and I am in love with the Foaming Creamy Bath Soak. Can't wait to try out the 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask, as I have never tried a self-warming mask before, and as it is one of the items that Caroline Hirons recommends from The Body Shop, I think this Sanctuary version should be good too.
The lily and rose collection hasn't been tried out yet, but smells divine, the aroma just wafting out from the box as I have walked past. Mmmm.
I forgot to add this when I did my photographs as it was already ensconced in the bathroom!
Moisture Burst Facial Wash also in the box. Smells like you are washing your face with Turkish Delight. You might not like that idea, but it smells glorious!
And if I ever get my vintage rescued rose-covered door handle fitted here is the perfect thing to hang on it!
 All in all, box of yummy delights. And not a tear in sight!
Sanctuary With Love Gift Set, £22.00, (worth £46.00), (bargain!!), (I know, I looked it up to get the link!), from Boots

Monday, 25 January 2016

The Twelfth of Never

I was taken by Teresa T-Cakes idea of finishing her catch-up/Christmas postings by the 25th January, but wasn't sure if I'd do it in time.
Yesterday, was, in my disorganised world, the 25th, and it was spent getting Mr B off on tour with enough clothing to cover every weather eventuality known to man!
So, I was well chuffed to check the date at the bottom of my laptop just now and see that I can just scrape in.
 It was a really good time.
I was organised at the beginning of the month. Then I just lost the plot a bit. I did get the lights up at the window in good time, but the tree was 'minimalist' this year. We treated ourselves to a new box of crackers this year...but didn't actually use them.
Our presents got wrapped on Boxing Day!!
But I did make a card for the posties' Christmas Box.
We did a trip after Christmas to Milton Keynes and loved the Winter Wonderland. It is always brilliant.
We met a Santa Dalek outside Waterstones.
Rene got draped in fancy ribbons and wore her Christmas bandana. Each year there is a little less fur edging but the bell is still intact.
I got lots of make-uppy bits that I will write about at a later date.
Yeah! It was one damn fine Christmas!

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Our Thin White Duke

After visiting the Vintage Fair on Saturday, Trevor offered to deliver the Atomic hat stand, that we bought from Dulcie Britain.
It would have been a little awkward doing the 'big shop' with it tucked under Mr Bs' arm!
He was going to pop over on Sunday, which became Monday. We were all set to put the kettle on when he arrived, but, with a shockwave going around the world about the death of David Bowie, it was literally just a 'drop off'.
"We should call it David" said Mr B, because we do have names for some of our household items. Doesn't everyone? Remember Beulah the Bernina
"It's our very own Thin White Duke", I shrieked!!
I have two rather contrived links. The first is the costume above, that probably needs no introduction. It was designed by Natasha Korniloff, who was one of my college tutors.
To say our first meeting was not the best would be an understatement! I was the only student to choose Theatre Design (& TV Crafts) to study whilst on my Foundation Course, initially because I wanted to be let loose in the wonderful saws, vac-formers and the like. My idea of heaven!
The way the course was run, all us students who were going to stay to do a vocational course, as opposed to going off and doing a degree, were shunted into their respective courses for one day a week, on a Friday. So every week, I'd turn up like a lost soul, to the Theatre Dept and present myself to the tutor for the week. Yeah, the rest of the students had been working on some project for a week and then I'd turn up! Natasha was not impressed and made sure that I knew she wasn't, even though I hadn't planned the curriculum!!
After a bumpy start we were OK and she very kindly put me up overnight at her home, when I had an interview or some thing or other, early the next day in London.
The other, is the 'Zebra Girl' costume from the Absolute Beginners video single.
I was working with Gordy, (at London Festival Ballet), and we got asked to make an all-in-one leotard. Didn't know what for, but Gordy cut it out, I sewed it up and the chap that asked us to make it, painted it.
So, that's how my path almost crossed with David Bowie! He touched something I made!! 

We had a lovely time at the fair.
It was so good to see my beloved 'Twinnie', Margaret, who is Trevors' mum. She wasn't in the best of health last year, so between us, we never got to meet up.
Oooh, someone has a hat stand growing out of their head. No wonder she hasn't been very well

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

White Rabbits, White Rabbits, White Rabbits

This was how the start of any month began...saying White Rabbits three times before you said anything else. Also, saying 'Hares, Hares Hares' as the last thing the night before.
I have written before about this and have no idea why we do this.
But this January was a little different...
...we seem to have been adopted by a giant white bunny!

We thought it belonged to our neighbours. No. The neighbour the other side had 2 rabbits during the summer; one she kept, until it was old enough to leave, for the family down the road and the other one she gave to her next door neighbour. But they were both white and smooth-haired. This one has brindle patches and a really cute furry 'ruff'.
He has a burrow under our swing chair and has eaten my primroses and rose bush leaves. He likes to be fed a lettuce leaf but doesn't like carrots. He is very fond of my leek leaves too!
And s/he is big, a right solid old bunny.
Rene is really not sure...

Can you spot the rabbit?

Thursday, 31 December 2015

2015 in 11 Pictures

Some months were better than others, for photo foraging. A distinct lack of postings, with not even one in April. Hence why there are only 11 photos!
January - un-Frozen End of January and watching the remains of snow and ice disappear.
February - Luscious, Lilac Locks 2015 proved to be a year of not getting out much, but I did get to the hairdresser and had my hair dyed with lilac slices. Loved this colour and may well go for it again.
March - My Little Tabba cat Only one post in March which was the loss of Tabby. 'Nuff said.
April - ummm, just didn't happen!!
May - I took part in #BEDM, organised by Elizabeth of Rosalilium. It was a productive, 19-post month. My choice of picture was of the baby blue tit, the last post of the month. What a cutie!
June - Happy Father's Day Me and my Daddy
July - Not Quite Bonjour A trough of French lavender. Had planned the trip of  a lifetime, to spend a week in a French chateau, crafting, visiting brocantes, and eating wonderful food. One day... But at the moment, just trying to get the insurance company to pay out!!
August - Simply Irrestible Was offered the chance to try out hair extensions. Wow! I do really rather like them and how they look. Wow!
September - Sloan Ranger We did a trip out to My Little Vintage in Earls Barton, a lovely shop in a gorgeous little village in Northamptonshire, that is the first official stockist for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in the county. We had some fine weather and it was a great project carried out in the garden.
October - Bed Hopping Both posts this month were of Insitu in Manchester. A totally amazing salvage establishment that I have wanted to visit for ages. I was not disappointed, it was brilliant. If ever you're near and you love 'old, quirky stuff', make a detour and have a mung!
November- Non-Wearable TARDIS Tuesday 2015was the year I met Kezzie. Not in person, (as yet), but via blog world. She has been a brilliant support to me and if you don't know her already, her posts are a joy. A way with words and lovely photos too. Kezzie is a fan of Dr Who and I saw these fun lamp bases and thought of her. As you do!!
December - The 12 Days of Tabby Hit a brick wall over everything earlier this month. To try and make something positive out of so much negative, I posted 12 days of, GIFs and videos.  The bottom of my world really did drop out when she passed away. Gone but never forgotten.
Wishing all of my stalwart readers and any passers-by a happy and healthy 2016!

Friday, 18 December 2015

The 12 Days of Tabby - Day 12

My much loved, and missed, little lap cat.

 photo vb55e_zpskpi9gnpt.gif

RIP my darlingest girl.

The 12 Days of Tabby - Day 11

 Gosh, the penultimate picture day.

Bristol Temple Meads was the first place that Tabby decided to come out of the travel box on the train.
It started a long list of names...including Tabby Temple Meads and Tabby Turtleneck!
Once she tried out train travel on the seat, she was hooked. We only allowed her out on the long journeys, where there were the bigger carriages, that didn't have exit doors to the platforms, when the train stopped. I don't think she would've ever made a run for it, mainly because she was too comfy!
She did once get the 'run' of a carriage, when we were the only people in it and for some reason, that I can't remember, it was 'locked' so that it couldn't be accessed because we were stopping at a short platformed station, I think.
She had a little mosey around and then came back and curled up with us!

Bristol Temple Meads board by her ear

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

The 12 Days of Tabby - Day 10

A little bit of light summer reading.

Vintage-loving Tabby.

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

The 12 Days of Tabby - Day 9

Fishing for compliments?
Last Christmas, 2014

Sunday, 13 December 2015

The 12 Days of Tabby - Day 8

How do cats always find the most comfiest hide-holes?
Here's Tabby tucked into one of those jumper shelving-thingies that hang on a clothing rail.
Curled up on all daddy's things, including the Christmas jumper! Cheeky!