Monday, 2 May 2016

BEDM - Day 2, Monday Musing

Remember to take time to enjoy the little things that Life sends your way.

This little lovely landed on me yesterday and just sat there with its' wings closed, for ages. Then when the camera came out, it very kindly showed off its' delicate markings. 

Today I didn't get to go out in the garden until late on, but just caught the last little bit of sun to hit the willow tree,
So pretty and delicate.
And look at the colour of that sky.

Yep, there's loads of cr*p that we all have to deal with, every day. But every time I see one of those little flutterbys I will think back to that one and smile, and that must be a good thing, right?

Sunday, 1 May 2016

BEDM - Day 1, ECG Whizz

As a starter for 10, for Blog Every Day in May, a little catch up and something that you bloggers don't know about me!!
The other night I was whisked off to NGH, (Northampton General Hospital), with a suspected heart attack!

Don't panic...I'm all OK; just a bit of an achy chest.

I'd put out the big brown wheelie  bin that was full of garden rubbish and although it was on wheels it was still heavy! Then I put out the food refuse bin. Big, big mistake as Julia Roberts says in Pretty Woman. Having cleared out the freezer of old out-of-date stuff, the bin was stuffed to the gills. And so much of it still frozen, it was heavier than normal. Thought "ooo" when I picked it up but carried on, as you do. Came back in and the 'ooo' turned to and 'oow'!
"Just a strained muscle", I thought.

I started the dinner and Mr B came home. Still hurty, but OK.
Went to bed and it just wouldn't go away. Mr B was so concerned he called 111 and they sent out a paramedic in a car and an ambulance really fast.

Atal, my wonderful, kind paramedic
(photo by Mr B, not me! Y'know, in case you were wondering...)
An ECG was done, bp checked, a bit high, but that's why I am on meds for that. Other checks were done and although it was probably just a strain, the only way to be sure was to have blood tests done in hospital.

When heart attacks are shown on telly, it always seem to be a gripping pain in the arm and a giant "Arrgh" and a chest clutch as the person hits the floor!
Well, for all we thought it was a strain, the symptoms I had were also pointing to an attack. The fact that I could pinpoint one place for the pain, whereas a pulled muscle would radiate pain even to the back.
So, better safe than sorry!

It was the night after the 'doctors strike'; I was wheeled straight in and dealt with immediately. Fast, efficient and supportive. Kind and caring. I had to wait a couple of hours for the blood tests results but was seen by a doctor prior to them arriving. He checked things out 'manually' so to speak, in my eyes, 'proper doctoring'.
Thank goodness, when they arrived, the results were negative.

I feel a bit of a dope at the moment, even straightening out the bedclothes makes my chest really hurt and I am scared of doing anything in case it causes more pains. I mean, I need to lift things and move stuff and it's not always lightweight!! But it will get better given time.

So, there you go, something you didn't know about me!!
Ha ha!

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Mr Blossoms' Blossom

Well, everybody may be celebrating the 90th Birthday of The Queen but here at chez Pennyblossoms we have our own celebration going on.
Mr Blossoms birthday!


Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Show Them Your Cross

I tried to find The Vicar of Dibley joke on Youtube, but had no joy.

As mentioned in my previous post, this is the French crucifix that I bought at the Vintage Fair, along with a 'Souvenir de Paris' scarf.

I am intrigued about the skull on it.
Does anyone know why?

Gosh, the weather since we came home has been tremendous, so I 've been a busy bee in the garden. Seeds, re-potting plants and actually planting the rose bushes which I bought in February and just heeled in for the last 2 months. Still, they look okay and are throwing out new shoots, so hopefully there'll be lots of lovely smelling flowers later in the year.

Summer...bring it on!!

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Goesy Posey Tiddly Rosey

Well, I seem to have gone from not going out of the house for days (weeks?) on end, to being a super-busy bee!

On Saturday there was our local Vintage Fair at St Matthews. I bought the most beautiful old French crucifix from Bryony, but have yet to photograph it.

Met up with Trevor's, (who organises the fairs), mum, Margaret, aka 'Twinnie' as we share the same birth day. There were vintage tablecloths and the most delicious smelling daffodils on each of the tea room tables. I partook of a particularly yummy slice of homemade chocolate cake.

Sunday we went to our first ever Asian wedding. It was our neighbour, who we have watched grow up from a young boy to a charming, caring man.

His wife was from Luton, so there was a big red double-decker bus laid on to get there, along with a white stretch Hummer and limousine for the groom and his family.

We were allowed to 'break' the rule of segregating the men upstairs and women below as Mr B sat with me on the bus, but for the meal we adhered to the same segregation. We had no idea what to expect and it was all very fluid, no panic over timings or anything!!

The food was great, the bride was stunning and our mate looked great in his groomsman outfit.
It was fabulous.

Monday we travelled down late in the day to Plymouth. It is weird coming down a day later, I seem to be playing catch up since.

blossom trees along the road where we stay
I had a great day in town yesterday and got my hair cut at Toni & Guy. No restyle or anything just a major tidy up which was direly needed.

the view from one end of our road over Plymouth Sound
I met Mr B for lunch and he finished work early enough to has a fish and chip supper, whilst the sky gave us a wonderful display.

view from outside the West Hoe Chippy at the other end of the road
 Tomorrow I am hoping to meet up with a friend and go and see the ballet, Romeo & Juliet, an old classic with amazing music.
Can't wait!

Monday, 28 March 2016

A World Of Kitties

 We may have gone out and left our kitty in the hotel, but I cannot think of a better way to spend an hour than going to The Kitty Café.

These cat cafes started in Japan, I believe,
 and now seem to be infiltrating over in the UK too. There's apparently one due to open in Manchester.

But this seems such a good idea.
There is a cattery at the back and most of the cats are recue cats and if you really fall in love with one you can give it a home!!

Rene did her best to be 'feline non grata' last night, she would not stop mewing, wanting to go out into the hall, not wanting anything, wanting the shower put on so she could drink the water, although she had bottled water already down. She even just sat and yowled at me while I was sitting on the loo!

travel cat and companions
Of course, she just sleeps all through the day, doesn't she!!
Still, she had an exciting journey from the rail station to the hotel on the tram!! And we went on the travellator at Manchester station.

So, it's been an exciting time for a little kitty.

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Resurrection Shuffle

Greetings from Nottingham.

We arrived yesterday evening after a bit of an annoying train journey.

Sadly we missed The Nottingham Panthers winning their ice hockey match, but by the time I hit the hotel I was zonked!

We had a little rest and then went to The Cross Keys for a great meal. This was our 'local' the last time we were here and the scene of my 'Bloody Brigadoon' moment, here.

It was that good that we booked in for Sunday lunch today and it was awesome! So good I forgot to take pictures!!

If there is one day of the year to wear my beloved rosaries today is it. I am not majorly religious in any way, but I love these two items and their unknown history. The dark one I bought in Plymouth and was told it was very, very old and the pale one I bought from Briony at the Vintage Fair a while back and is French.

Mr B goes into work tomorrow evening, so we have another 'holiday' day together, which will be lovely.
Hope you all have a great Bank Holiday Monday!

Friday, 25 March 2016

Tea Wars

I think there may be a storm brewing!!

Although I don't drink tea, Mr B seems to have acquired quite a selection!
Yorkshire, Lancashire, West Country and Ty-phoo.
The little bottle green tin on the top shelf is Lady Grey.

If ever you visit, you know you will be assured of a nice cuppa!

Happy Good Friday!

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Remembering Tabby

One year on.

Still so missed.
RIP my little Tabby cat.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Inside The Rabbit-Proof Fence

I was putting away my Britains Garden, (or sorting it out after the storm), and I thought 'I have rabbits, I know who likes rabbits. And I've got crocuses too!'
Fellow blogger, Kezzie, has just moved house and was chuffed to bits with her new garden.
So in my version of a
"Welcome To Your New Home" card,
 I give you...
The little quarter bed between the shed and the swing chair has croci in the front and by the wonders of this toy, delphinium at the back! Also in bloom all at the same time(!), a bit like Chelsea, I like to think, sunflowers, red rose bushes and hollyhocks.
I thought Kezzies' husband would appreciate a 'man-cave', aka a shed!
Having just seen pictures of the real garden I am chuffed to see the same fencing panels. I could've also added a birdbath and a small section of pergola to replicate the archway.
Looking forward to reading and seeing stories of your new home, Kezzie!

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Storm Imogen Hits Britains Garden

There's been a bit of a whirlwind in the front room of chez Pennyblossoms.
Call it the Storm Imogen effect!
Oh my! The pergola's off for a stroll.
(don't know where the Christmas lights window hanger-upper blew in from) 

How ever is the table and parasol still upright?
(Umm, is that a pair of legs peeping out there?)

'Man with a Rake' seems to have taken a tumble!
But 'Old Man' seems to be hanging onto the bench with grim determination.
He'd only stopped tinkering with the mower to sit down and have a cuppa!
'Swan' seems to have just missed being trapped under the pergola debris.
At least the dovecot is still standing and the honey bees haven't been disturbed.

Collie Dog is guarding that tea tray with his life!

Er, where's the greenhouse roof gone?
'Man with Rake' needs emergency help!
Actually, it's my furry gilet that is the culprit, as every time I walk past my display, it just flips out and takes a fair bit of garden with it!
I hope all you readers have kept safe from 'Imogen' and all this stonking bad weather.
Roll on Summer!

Friday, 5 February 2016

Well, You Make Me Wanna Shout

I took over one hundred and thirty photographs last week, of all this 'beauty' stuff, all ready to do lots of posts and it's still  taken me a week to do a new post.
I'm just not feeling the blog love.
Another box of 'goodies' that I had the fortune to receive was the Lulu's Time Bomb 5 Piece Star Power Skincare Collection from QVC, when it was on a TSV, (Today's Special Value, which means it is sold at a reduced price). At 80 quid, full price, this is what I would call mega-pricy and I don't know if I would actually ever buy it at its' full price, even though I really love all the products.
 (Yes, this was a pressie I chose and ordered for myself, but Mr B did wrap it up for me!)

QVC has a lot of user reviews and this seems to be a Marmite product.
 Lots of 5's, the top score, but also lots of 1's.
Personally, I really, really enjoy these items. I have used Clinique for donkeys years, and then a while back I tried out  some of the No 7 range from Boots. Both these ranges are fragrance-free, which for a lot of people is a number one priority. But these items all have fragrances - it just makes me think of essential oils and having a really nice massage, so that is a real feel-good factor for me.
Yes, I do have her book as well
There is a specific neck/jawline/décolletage cream, Troubleshooter Neck Jaw and Chest Cream, a new face cream that is called Over-Exposed Sun Damage Rescue, which is meant to help with fine lines and dryness, a 'cocktail' which is like a serum and goes on under moisturiser, a denser night cream and like the previous box of tricks, a mega fantastic hand cream. This I would buy again; I feel it really helps the skin and cuticles, my 'duff' spot.
I am still terrible at 'daily ablutions', it is still a very much hit and miss affair, a hangover from the bad depression days, but I have tried more with this because I really enjoy it.
And that is half the battle, isn't it folks?